Monthly Meeting


The next Chapter Meeting is Thursday April 16, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM EST.

Doors will be opened at 7:45 AM

It will be held at the FARM LANE Branch of the MSU Federal Credit Union:

4825 E. Mt. Hope Road
East Lansing, MI 48824

Topic:           How SSD differs from hard drives – or when Delete means delete, sort of
Presenter:     Richard Enbody, Ph.D. – Michigan State University

SSD’s are wonderful because of their speed and lack of moving parts.  However, they differ from hard drives in two important ways for security and forensics.  In many ways, delete truly deletes information, unlike a hard drive — changing the game for forensics.  Unfortunately, that deletion may not be complete which can be a problem from a security perspective.  Finally, deletion can happen when nothing is being read or written to the drive — what is a true clone.  What’s up?  Dr. Enbody will explain.Richard Enbody is an Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at Michigan State.  His interest is in computer security; a few months ago he published  “Targeted Cyber Attacks: Multi-staged Attacks Driven by Exploits and Malware” (Syngress/Elsevier).

The meeting doors will be opened at 7:45 AM for sign-in and networking, followed at 8:00 with our speaker’s presentation.

Attending this meeting earns you 1 CPE

Also note our fee schedule for attending this meeting:

             –Current members of ISSA International:                    n/c

             –Friends and guests of the Lansing ISSA chapter:        $10

             –Students interested in I.T. security issues:                 $5

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